Useful Thai Phrases

Try these every day Thai phrases to help you get out Thailand – These can be enough for a basic trip. Should you be interested in learning more then please contact us for private training.

Remember in Thai pronunciation is everything this can be very difficult to achieve as Thai consonants and vowels are difficult to sound effectively particularly for Westerners. There are not only 5 different sounds but the length of the sound can also vary.

Do not let this put you off!!!! In most tourist areas Thai are used to hearing mispronounced words and are sympathetic and friendly.

  1. Learn Thai Greetings
  2. Learn Thai – Taking Leave/Excuse
  3. Learn Thai – Shopping
  4. Learn Thai – Talking in a Bar / Meet Thai Girl
  5. Learn Thai – Romance/ Sweet Talk
  6. Learn Thai – Traffic
  7. Learn Thai – BTS / MRT / Public Transport
  8. Learn Thai – Airplane
  9. Learn Thai – Booking a Ticket
  10. Learn Thai – Hotel Reservation
  11. Learn Thai – Reserving a Dining Table
  12. Learn Thai – At the Restaurant
  13. Learn Thai – On the Phone
  14. Learn Thai – At the Dentist