Beginners English Language Course

Course Length Description Audience
90 hours Introduction to English language with examples and a focus on basic conversation. Foundation course open to students new to the English language.

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Students should complete the Introduction English Course or have been successfully assessed before starting on this level. The Course is taught using International English using a combination of exercises, audio (CD) and tests to build grammar, vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Course Book: Cambridge Interchange Book 1 (Cambridge Level – Upper Beginner)

Course Length: 90 Hours

Teachers: English speaking Thai Teacher Recommended

Our Thai teachers are very effective at explaining the basic building blocks of English language and can be more sympathetic than our English teachers who tend to focus on more advanced English teaching. For this reason we recommend beginners of any nationality use our Thai teachers initially (they are also less expensive) to Learn English Online, at our school or a location in Bangkok.

Unit 1: Please call me Beth.
Introductions and greetings; names; countries and nationalities

Unit 2: How do you spend your day?
Jobs, workplaces, and school; daily schedules; clock time

Unit 3: How much is it?
Shopping and prices; clothing and personal items; colours and materials

Unit 4: Do you like rap?

Music, movies, and TV programs; entertainers; invitations; and excuses; dates and times

Unit 5: Tell me about your family.
Families; typical families

Unit 6: How often do you exercise?
Sports, fitness activities, and exercise; routines

Unit 7: We had a great time!
Free-time and weekend activities; chores; vacations

Unit 8: What’s your neighborhood like?

Stores and places in a city; neighborhoods; houses and apartments

Unit 9: What does she look like?
Appearance and dress; clothing and clothing styles; people

Unit 10: Have you ever ridden a camel?
Past experiences; unusual activities

Unit 11: It’s very exciting place!
Cities; hometowns; countries

Unit 12: It really works!
Health problems; medication and remedies; products in a pharmacy

Unit 13: May I take your order?
Food and restaurants

Unit 14: The biggest and the best!
World geography and facts; countries

Unit 15: I’m going to a soccer match.
Invitations and excuses; leisure-time activities; telephone messages

Unit 16: A change for the better!
Life changes; plans and hopes for the future

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