Advanced English Language Course

Course Length Description Audience
90 Hours Advanced English Language skills, reading, writing, grammar and conversation. Students who can communicate effectively in English and wish to improve their grammar and understanding.

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Students should complete the Interchange level 2 English Course or have been assessed before starting on this level. The Course is taught using International English using a combination of exercises, audio (CD) and tests to build grammar, vocabulary and comprehension skills. This is the highest level Interchange course offered. For most students, this is enough for other students wishing to use English for general business or specific vertical markets (ie medicine, travel and tourism, engineering etc) we recommend you look at our Specialized section too.

The Advanced English Language Course is available at our school in Sukhumvit, Bangkok at a location of your choice in Bangkok or you may Learn English Online using Skype.

Course Book: Cambridge Interchange Book 3 (Cambridge Level – Intermediate)

Course Length: 90 Hours

Unit 1: That’s what friends are for!
Personality types and qualities; relationships; turn on and turn offs

Unit 2: Career Moves
Jobs; unusual careers; job skills; summer jobs

Unit 3: Could you do me a favour?
Favours; formal and informal requests; messages

Unit 4: What a story!
The media; news stories; exceptional events

Unit 5: Crossing cultures
Cultural comparisons and culture shock; moving abroad; emotions; customs; tourism and travel abroad

Unit 6: What’s wrong with it?
Consumer complaints; everyday problems; electronics; repairs

Unit 7: The world we live in
The environment; world problems; current issues

Unit 8: Lifelong Learning
Education; learner choices; strategies for learning; personal qualities

Unit 9: At your service
Everyday service; recommendations; self-improvement

Unit 10: The past and the future
Historic events and people; biography; the future

Unit 11: Life’s little lessons
Milestones and turning points; behaviour and personality; regrets

Unit 12: The right stuff
Qualities for success; successful business; advertising

Unit 13: That’s a possibility
Pet peeves; unexplained events; reactions; predicaments and advice

Unit 14: Behind the scenes
How a movie is made; media professions; processes; the entertainment industry

Unit 15: There should be a law!
Recommendations; opinions; social issues; controversial issues

Unit 16: Challenges and accomplishments
Challenges; accomplishments; goals; volunteering

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