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Thai Language Hut is a specialist Thai Language School for students wanting to master the Thai or English languages. Learning Thai is the key to understanding what is happening around you in Thailand and helps build a good understanding of Thai culture. Thai is not an easy language to master. If you have not learned a tonal language before this can represent a challenge.

We only offer private lessons, ideally 1 pupil to 1 teacher this means you get 100% attention of your teacher and will only learn the correct tones, sounds and grammar not the mistakes of the person sat next to you. This makes learning Thai Easy and Fast whilst greatly increasing your chances of success, making your learning less stressful and enjoyable.

At Thai Language Hut we do not go A-Z in the book. We build a course for you; to support you when you need it, speeding up when you do not. We do not waste your time. We can build a course at your pace be it Immersion, a Fast Pace or Standard Pace. Be it speaking, reading or writing we will help you learn. Our approach is professional and friendly but results driven. 80% of our students continue their Thai language courses with us Learn Thai Online with usand many return to us from all parts of the world once they have complete their studies.

We can deliver training Online via Skype – or  via other online chat programs. We have students Learning Thai online from many countries.

Why this Thai Language School?

Tailored Private Language Teaching to meet your needs. We don’t waste your time. We teach you what you need to know. Highly Flexible  – Learn Thai Online when and how you need to learn.
Experienced, Professional, Friendly and results driven. Our teachers are not green graduates but real teachers with teaching skills and knowledge of foreign cultures. Training Open for 1 year. Book with the confidence that you will have time to use your training.
Stop and Start your course when you like (with 24 hours notice + = no charge) – do not miss any training classes + protect your investment. Highly Competitive Prices. For private training, you can easily pay double our prices and still receive half the service!
Professional Texts and Courses from Paiboon Publishing, Benjawan Poomsan Becker = Consistent Phonetics through all your training material + excellent choice. Excellent Customer Satisfaction. About 80% of our students rebook, many have become very good friends we have even Wed one student!

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