Beginners English Language Course – Introduction

Course Length Description Audience
90 hours Communication with more complex grammar and vocabulary in speaking and/or writing the English Language. Students who can communicate using basic English language or writing wishing to extend their knowledge.

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This English Language Course is for students who have some basic English but are not at the level of the main Interchange Course. This will take students with basic English to the level of Interchange 1. The Course is taught using International English using a combination of exercises, audio (CD) and tests to build grammar, vocabulary and comprehension skills.

The school recommends using a Thai teacher with excellent English skills for this course. They are less expensive than a native English speaker and are more sympathetic to the new learner of the English language. Learn English Online, at our school or at a location in Bangkok.

Course Book: Cambridge University Press – Interchange Introduction (Cambridge Level – Beginner)

Course Length: 90 Hours

Teachers: English speaking Thai Teacher Recommended


Unit 1: It’s nice to meet you.
Alphabet; greeting and leave-takings; name and title of address; number 0-10 and phone numbers

Unit 2: What’s this?
Possessions, classroom objects, personal items, and locations in a room

Unit 3: Where are you from?
Cities and countries; adjectives of personality and appearance; number 11-103 and ages

Unit 4: I’m not wearing boots!
Clothing; colours; weather and seasons

Unit 5: What are you doing?
Clock time; times of the day; everyday activities

Unit 6: My sister works downtown.
Transportation; family; relationships; daily routines; days of the week

Unit 7: Does it have a view?
Houses and apartments; rooms; furniture
Unit 8: What do you do?
Jobs and workplaces

Unit 9: Broccoli is good for you.
Food pyramid; basic foods; desserts; meals

Unit 10: I can’t ice-skate very well.
Sports; abilities and talents

Unit 11: What are you going to do?
Months and dates; birthdays, holidays, festivals; and special occasions

Unit 12: What’s the matter?
Parts of the body; health problems and advice

Unit 13: You can’t miss it.
Stores and things you can buy there; tourist attractions

Unit 14: Did you have fun?
Weekends; chores and fun activities; vacations; summer activities

Unit 15: Where were you born?
Biographical information; years; school days

Unit 16: Can she call you later?
Locations; telephone calls; invitations; going out with friend

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