Student Visas

Thai Language Hut was set up solely to teach Thai and English to serious language students. We do not offer an Education Visa Service for the following reasons:

  • – We do not offer scheduled classroom training we teach Thai Online Only
  • – There is a minimum requirement of 200 hours study
  • The value of the Education Visa is limited (you cannot purchase car/condo/get a driving license/bank account nor do any kind of paid work with the Education Visa)
  • Expect to be checked – This Visa has been abused in recent years with many schools taking money for the Visa and not than delivering the required training
  • Often the students requiring Education Visa are not students that are serious about learning Thai but are Expats looking for a cheap Visa only

Visa Before Arrival

Many other types of Visa can be applied for outside of Thailand before travelling to the country.  Often your choices are either your home country or for convenience, you may travel to a nearby country adjacent to Thailand.

Generally, the Visa application process is much more flexible in Western Countries where it is possible to get a 1-year multiple entry Visa’s with minimum problems. Recommended Visa’s sought in Western Countries are Marriage Visa, Business Visa (B) or Multiple Entry Tourist Visa (often up to 1 year).

Visa Runs

For a one year Visa’s gained outside of Thailand you need to do a Visa Run to extend it. This means leave Thailand and get a new exit and entry stamp. Even if you get a Visa within Thailand you will need to report to Chaeng Wattana (if in Bangkok area) or your local Immigration Center every 90 days to confirm you are still in the country of Thailand.

We are not Visa experts, the rules are complex and change regularly for additional information regarding Visa’s.

For further information please check the Thai Immigration website link below:

Please remember we teach Thai Online, therefore, you can learn where-ever you are regardless whether you have a Visa or not.

Should you have further questions you are welcome to contact us

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