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Thai Language CoursesThai Language Course Outline

We have a wide range of  Thai Language Courses. We recommend that you review the chart to define your potential training needs.

However if you do not find the course for you then we will be happy to build a bespoke course specifically for you. For example, a need to make a business presentation or a Wedding speech in Thai.

Standard full-length Core courses (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced) are 90 hours in length and can be purchased either in 3 x 30-hour blocks or in a single 90-hour block.

Introduction (15 hours), Short (30 hours) and Survival Thai (60 hours) are subsets of the full 90-hour Beginners Course and will focus on speaking Thai not reading and writing Thai script.

All the courses we deliver are Private Courses and are available online.

We recommend you consider studying 3 times a week and ideally 1-2 hours at a time. If you are attending physical classes we highly recommend you study 2 hours per session*. The actual number of times you attend and the course length is entirely up to you these are our guidelines.

From basic Tourist Thai Training through to full Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced or above, Phonetic to Thai script, our teachers want to make this beautiful but challenging language accessible to you.

Course Options

Course LengthDescription Audience

Beginner Thai Language Course

30 hours x 3 = 90 hours – Approximately 4 months*
Introduction to the Thai language with examples and basic grammar.Foundation course open to anyone new to the Thai language or writing.
View Details Beginner Courses

Intermediate Thai Language Course

30 hours x 3 = 90 hours – Approximately 4 months
Communication with more complex grammar in Thai speaking and/or writing.Those who can communicate using basic Thai language or by writing wishing to extend their knowledge.
Intermediate Thai Courses

Advanced Thai Language Course

30 hours x 3 = 90 hours – Approximately 4 months
Advanced grammar and situations using Thai speaking and/or writing.Students who can communicate effectively in Thai and wish to improve their grammar and understanding.
Advanced Thai Language Courses

Tourist Thai Language Course

2 – 6 hours
Introduction to communicating in Thai sounds and numbersThose visiting Thailand with a need for basic up to date practical phases.
Thai for Tourists

Specialized Thai Language Courses

To be agreed with the student
Specialized Thai Language Courses

For more information about the Course Books please follow this link.