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> Professional training from Bangkok

> Private 1 teacher to 1 student – to accelerate your learningskype-paiboon-tlh-gf-opt

> Use high quality learning materials from No.1 Publisher of Thai language learning materials for non native Thais, Paiboon Publishing

> The only school endorsed by Paiboon/Benjawan Poomsan Becker

> Stop Start when you want

> Training times flexible

> Used by professionals throughout the World/Embassy/Airline/MNC Companies

> 80% renewal rate by existing students

Learn Thai with Confidence

For travelers, managers, students and retirees who cannot attend our lessons at our Thai Language school as they are either based abroad, cannot access our training school due to work or other commitments or simply just want to top up their Thai Language knowledge online – we offer our Learn Thai Online Program using Skype.

This allows distance learners instant access to quality private 1 teacher to 1 student Thai Language training delivered by qualified Thai nationals with real time video and sound. Online lessons can be Mixed and Matched with On-Site lessons (training at our school) at no additional cost or Off-Site Training (+ travel/time expense) making this a valuable and highly flexible training resource.

We deliver our internet courses using the same quality Paiboon Thai Language books and materials as our On-Site and Off-Site Training. We use a combination of Books, work sheets and visual aids during our training although most of the focus is on the standard course texts. Online Thai Training takes the form of 1-2 hour sessions online unless otherwise requested by yourself. We have found that 1 hour Online is enough for most people to start with.

Plans and Pricing

Learn Thai Online Test

learn thai online - jangWe advocate a online test before starting the training to ensure the connection is adequate. We will schedule a quick test before we start to check Audio and Video capability. Should we experience some problems we will suggest some improvements. Should the connection prove unworkable then we will cancel your booking – the test takes place before you pay us!

Ideally, you should have a minimum of 2mb internet connection and should be working from a wired and not a wireless connection. This is a general rule only. We will work with you to try to make this work.





Course books can be ordered from Amazon online and directly shipped to you at a highly competitive price. We recommend leaving 10 days shipping time between making the order and organizing your first lesson. We will recommend course books for you during your trial lesson. Course books are listed on our Books/Media page.


Online Thai Training is available from 9am – 9pm 7 Days a week Bangkok Time +7 GMT ICT Time Zone. Should you have any problems with these time do not be concerned please let us known where you are and when you would like your training and we will help. Alternatively, please look up the meetings times using this very useful meeting website – remember we are in Bangkok:

An online Thai Language School


As with all training payment needs to be received before starting training. Payment can be made either by Bank Transfer or via PayPal please check details on our Thai Online Fees page for prices.

Booking Process

We have tried to simplify our online booking process and have broken this down into 3 steps. These steps and the process are described below.

Learn Thai Online Booking Process

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Read more about where we can deliver our Thai Language Training please see, On-Site and Off-Site Training options.


Plans and Pricing

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