Teaching Methodology Thai and English Languages

Active Learning vs Passive Learning

The Teaching Methodology advocated by Thai Language Hut is an efficient unique way for you to Learn Thai or Learn English while enjoying the experience. We cannot use this approach all the time and sometimes it does not suit all students, however, we aim to integrate Active learning into all lessons.

We have all at some stages in our life been sat in a classroom being ‘taught at’ by a teacher. This is passive learning. This approach is still the dominant approach in many Language schools. It is based on working through a book from A-Z with minimal exploration and questioning. This teaching methodology is NOT a good way to learn a challenging language like Thai or English. Interaction and active learning are far more successful and enjoyable. Further,  it is retained better in memory and helps to make the language alive.methodology alternative learning approaches

Why be satisfied learning just from a book?

Successful memory experts, ‘associate’. This means they link what it is they wish to remember a picture, situation and activity. Besides, there are no better situations in which to learn than real-life situations. We have adopted this teaching methodology for language training.  We do work from a book for structure and progress checks. But we also mix in different styles of delivery to produce an enjoyable and highly successful learning approach. For example, this might mean that we ask students to:

  • call fellow teachers on the telephone
  • have mock interviews
  • play games in foreign languages
  • or are given assignments where they have to survey foreigners or talk to Thai or English nationals and feedback their results

We cannot promise to do this in every lesson. We try to incorporate this as and when we can. However, if this teaching methodology appeals to you please talk to your teacher about this. We will adapt our approach to incorporate this teaching approach.

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