Thai Language Courses Books / Media

Thai Language Core Curriculum Books / Media for our standard Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Thai Language Courses. These can be purchased via Amazon or your local bookshop.

Thai Language Materials & Phonetic Style – Paiboon PublishingBenjawan Poomsan with her Thai Language books

For our Core Programs, we use Paiboon Publishing materials. Why Benjawan Poonsan Becker and Paiboon Publishing? Paiboon Publishing is the largest Thai publisher of books for foreigners both for Thai language and culture. It means that you will benefit in the following ways:

  • Professional Quality materials + printing
  • One system of phonetic across all your texts – including dictionaries (making learning significantly easier)
  • Comprehensive range of texts to support your learning, including grammar, phrases and in-depth knowledge not normally available through the standard school curriculum
  • Full CD Audio Support for course books
  • Can purchase online with Amazon anywhere
  • Reasonable prices
  • Additional Materials – supporting books to assist living in Thailand ie relationships, retirement, house purchase, law etc

Course and Course Book Recommendations

Outlined below are the core curriculum courses with the associated textbook. The cost of the course books are separate from the cost of the training. You may purchase materials directly from Amazon.

As a minimum we suggest you should purchase the:

  1. New Thai-English Dictionary – this is an exceptionally clear and well laid out dictionary. Our one critique is that it is possibly too small but it is highly portable and services learners all the way up to Advanced and beyond, the Paiboon Thai Dictionary Phone App or use Google Translate.
  2. The book associated with your course your teacher will confirm this with you.

The iPhone and Android  Paiboon dictionary options can be purchased direct from Apple and Google phone software stores.

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