Information for Education Agents

We work and have worked successfully with International Educational Agents from the United States, UK, Europe and South America and look to build future relationships with fellow Education professionals both for individual and corporate needs. Our major shareholder was an Education Manager for Hewlett Packard UK and Europe and understands the needs of both agent and client in assessing, building and delivering professional and successful Education Programs for large and small clients in both Thai and English languages.asian business sml

We can offer assistance to the Education Agent in the following ways:

Education Agents Delivery Options

>Basic course delivery of standard courses for corporate or individual needs
>Training Needs Analysis – Assessing existing skills against delivery targets
>Building Course Specifications for individual or corporate needs
> Building Schedule – At school or location in Bangkok – or preparation training
>Online using Skype before attending the school
>Thai Cultural Impact Training – We offer Thai cultural change training to assist individuals and corporate companies to adapt to the cultural differences
>Accommodation – we do not offer this service to individuals attending our school but are happy to assist Education Agents. Most of our large corporate clients already have in-house accommodation capability.
>Joint proposal writing – We have strong experience at writing successful proposals and can guide, assist or write sections as needed.

We have delivered training to large international companies, foreign Embassies, Japanese businesses, international school and high net worth individuals. In each example we have built specific programs to meet their needs.

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