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We are a specialist Thai Language Consultancy teaching Thai and English based in Bangkok Thailand but teaching students World Wide online using Skype.

We teach Thai Online and we also deliver English at our partner school near Phrom Phrong, a site of your convenience in Bangkok or even a combination of Skype/School/Off-site as needed. We deliver private 1 to 1 training (one teacher to one pupil) for those that are serious about learning the Thai and English languages. We do not offer scheduled group training, however we do offer small private group sessions for corporate, families and friends.

The School History

The TLearn Thai Teachers hai Language Hut was started by a Thai language teacher and her English pupil. The language teacher was looking for more freedom to teach Thai in a fun and effective way. The pupil recognized the teachers’ evident teaching strengths being a University of Cambridge taught teacher himself. And decided we should go out there and do it better and set up a Thai and English Language Consultancy specifically to offer 1 to 1 training.

You get the best of both worlds – great Thai and English teachers, advised by a ‘farang’ teacher trained a the University of Cambridge and who subsequently became a European Education Consultant (Change Manager) for Hewlett-Packard running education programs for thousands of people.

Thai and English Language Teaching Approach

The founder is also not a natural language learner = a real interest in helping you learn in the most effective manner. We are interested in learning techniques …if this means going ‘Walk About’ to a shop or a restaurant or to a workplace ‘At Your Desk’ to make the learning experience real …within reason, we will do it. Our Language School calls our interactive approach to language learning Active Learning; this is as opposed to passively learning in a classroom. We make you learn Thai and English by involving you and interacting with you in different ways to keep your learning fresh and innovative – this helps you retain more information = learn faster and enjoy the process.

Thai Language Hut has found from experience that learning Thai and English languages is most successfully learned by 1 to 1 training. Tone, pitch, pronunciation and grammar rules can be learned more confidently and much faster with a ratio of one teacher to one student. In our classroom you do not have to share your teacher with other students; this allows us to focus on the most important aspect of teaching, you and your needs only. We are pleased to say that our results speak with for themselves. Most students repeat book and are now speaking, reading and writing at all levels and are enjoying the experience. We have a re-booking ratio of 80%.

Our Thai Language School is an open and friendly environment in which students readily absorb both Thai and English language skills. All Thai teachers are Thai nationals speaking Bangkok mainstream Thai with excellent English skills. All teachers have degree level qualifications or equivalent and are experienced teachers. Many teachers either teach at international schools or have taught at international schools or Universities in Bangkok.

The Thai Language School operates a process of continuous improvement and reviews and acts upon student feedback to the benefit of the school and future students. We welcome all feedback and are genuinely interested in helping you achieve your maximum capability. Education and more so language learning is like unlocking a new world. By learning a new language you will communicate with new people, experience different culture and gain a perspective upon life that will help you develop as an individual. This is so much more than a literal translation, it is about building your level of understanding about the land of smiles or building Thai’s and other foreign nationals’ understanding about modern English culture. Our language school wants you to enjoy the challenge of exploring languages whilst meeting your educational goals.

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