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Our courses are based on the professional texts from Cambridge University Press. There are wide range of courses to choose from from – Core English Courses beginner – advanced, to Specialized Courses – Vertical Market English Language Courses (ie Finance, Marketing, Engineering, Travel and Tourism, Medical etc) and courses focusing on particular elements of English such as grammar or specific examinations. In all cases the Cambridge University Press materials are used as guidelines only. We will develop additional materials for you and will work at your maximum speed. Where you need help we will support you and where you do not we will go fast.

Core courses are a standard 90 hour length and can be purchased either in 3 x 30 hour blocks or in a single 90 hour block. This is the average amount of time to move from one level of English language to another ie Beginner to Intermediate.

All courses we deliver are Private Courses and are available at our school or at a location of your choice in Bangkok or you may learn online or even combine off-line and online classes to create a perfect schedule.

We recommend you consider studying 3 times a week and ideally 1-2 hours at a time. If you are attending classes we highly recommend you study 2 hours per session*. The actual number of times you attend and the course length is entirely up to you these are our guidelines only.

From Beginner to Advanced,

English Language Courses

Course Length Description Audience

Beginner English Language Course

30 hours x 3 = 90 hours – Approximately 4 months*
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Introduction to the English language it’s structure and basic grammar Starter course for those not familiar with the English language.
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Intermediate English Language Course

30 hours x 3 = 90 hours – Approximately 4 months
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Communication with more complex grammar in English speaking and/or writing. Those who can communicate using basic English language or by writing wishing to extend their knowledge.
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Advanced English Language Course

30 hours x 3 = 90 hours – Approximately 4 months
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Advanced grammar and situations using English speaking and/or writing. Students who can communicate effectively in English and wish to improve their grammar and understanding.
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Specialized English Language Courses

To be agreed with the student
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Learn English Online

Learn English anywhere in the world with Online Language Training using Skype
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Many students already possess the Core Course Cambridge University Press text books and Learn English Online students need to purchase texts independently therefore we charge separately for the texts book. These are not expensive.

If you are a English language Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced level and are looking for standard course we highly recommend purchasing a 90 hour English Course Package. These include all English books at a discount price. This is only available for students studying in Bangkok.

For more information about the English Language Course Materials and recommended texts please follow this link.

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