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Thai Language Hut School Sponsor Camillian Home for Children Thai Made Easy

Our Thai Language School sponsors Thai local community activity in Bangkok. In 2011 we sponsored the 2011 flood victims in Bangkok. We could see first hand the damage that was being done to peoples homes, businesses and the devastating effect upon their lives.

Now we are proud to be associated with Camillian Children’s Home. Camillian Children’s Home help children with disabilities, including HIV/Aids. Their work is truly awe-inspiring and the children humbling and heartwarming.

For further information please check their website here: http://www.camillianhomelatkrabang.org.

Camillian will accept individual donations here http://www.camillianhomelatkrabang.org/en/donate

And longer-term sponsorship donations here: http://www.camillianhomelatkrabang.org/en/sponsor

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