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Free Thai Language Learning Resources

Learn Thai Free resources for those learning the Thai language from Thai Language Hut School and for students wishing to develop their Thai language skills. We have a comprehensive list of over 700 lessons, Youtube and Blogs. These have been developed by our teachers in their spare time. We hope you will enjoy them, learn some Thai and when you come to book some Thai lessons in the future you will remember us :-).

The Learn Thai Free has three main sections, Pages, Blog and additional sites ie Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin where you can follow these and new lessons as they are posted.

Thai Language Lessons – Pages

We have the following Free Page Lessons on this site. Most have audio files to help with your learning. They may be a little quiet so turn the volume of your machine up high:

Thai Language Alphabet
Thai Phrases
Thai Numbers
Thai Tones

Blog Lessons

We have nearly 500 blog lessons. They are broken up into the following categories. Either pick a category below and search for an appropriate lesson or use our search function on the top right-hand side of our page

Additional Thai Language Sites

Also, we have a wide range of Learn Thai Free resources in addition to those showing on these pages. Please find our other sites listed at the bottom of this page.

Should you wish to discuss your needs in more detail you are welcome to contact us our details are listed below.

We hope you all enjoy learning the Thai language.

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