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Confidently Learn Thai or English Fast!

Thai Language Hut School for Busy People

Learn Thai and English Online

Learn Thai Online

Develop confident language skills

At Thai Language Hut you will learn the Thai language confidently. To achieve this you need skilled, student-focused teachers with good quality materials because foreigners often find the Thai language a challenge. We use both high-quality materials from Paiboon Publishing and highly motivated and experienced teachers. Teachers who are genuinely interested in your language development will help you deliver your language goals.

Thai script or phonetic

With either Thai Script or Phonetic approaches to teaching our Thai teachers will develop your confidence to speak clearly and precisely using the correct Thai Tone and pronunciation. They will do this by tailoring your course to your ability. Together with materials from Paiboon Publishing, the leading publisher for Thai language learning materials worldwide and you have a winning combination.

Flexible training

Benefit from the flexibility of learning Thai online. Online learning allows you to learn Thai anywhere in the world. You will still have the same high-quality private training but at any location and exactly when you are available. Further, training is open for 1 year and you may stop and start when you want.

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Learn English Online

Complex languages made easy

English is a complex language requiring good knowledge of grammar rules and practised pronunciation. As a result, learning English can prove difficult and this is particularly true for Thais.

Patient professional teachers

Thais have two major issues in learning English. Firstly, culturally Thai students are often quite shy and are too aware of making a mistake. Secondly, although Thais are taught English formally at school often Thais not been taught how to pronounce English correctly. Thai Language Hut school uses high-quality language materials from Cambridge University Press and highly experienced teachers who stress correct pronunciation focusing on your needs motivating and promoting your success.

Convenient focused training

Learning English Online is exceptionally convenient. You can benefit from our high-quality training anywhere. In particular, Thais living and studying abroad can benefit from our unique mixture of Thai and Native English speaking teachers who can effectively explain the complexities of the English language in the local language, building confidence and ability fast.

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