Intermediate English Language Course

Course Length Description Audience
90 hours Students communicate with more complex grammar and vocabulary in speaking and/or writing the English Language. Those students who can communicate using basic English language or writing wishing to extend their knowledge.

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This English Language Course is for students who have a reasonable understanding of English and are looking to improve their grammar and vocabulary. This will build conversational English language skills whilst developing English grammar and vocabulary. The Course is taught using International English using a combination of exercises, audio (CD) and tests to build grammar, vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Course Book: Cambridge University Press – Interchange 2 (Cambridge Level – Pre-Intermediate)

Course Length: 90 Hours

Unit 1: A time to remember.
People; childhood; memories

Unit 2: Caught in the rush
Transportation; transportation problems; city services

Unit 3: Time for a change!
Houses and apartments; lifestyle changes; wishes

Unit 4: I’ve never heard of that!
Food; recipes; instructions; cooking methods

Unit 5: Going places
Travel; vacations; plans

Unit 6: OK. No problem!
Complaints; household chores; requests; excuses; apologies

Unit 7: What’s this for?
Technology; instructions

Unit 8: Let’s celebrate!
Holidays; festivals; customs; celebrations

Unit 9: Back to the future
Life in the past, present, and future; changes and contrasts; consequences

Unit 10: I don’t like working on weekends!
Abilities and skills; job preferences; personality traits; careers

Unit 11: It’s really worth seeing!
Landmarks and monuments; world knowledge

Unit 12: It could happen to you!
Information about someone’s past; recent past events

Unit 13: Good book, terrible movie!
Entertainment; movies and books; reactions and opinions

Unit 14: So that’s what it means!
Nonverbal communication; gestures and meanings, signs; drawing conclusions

Unit 15: What would you do?
Money; hopes; predicaments; speculations

Unit 16: What’s your excuse?
Requests; excuses; invitations

The Intermediate English Language Course is available at our school in Sukhumvit, Bangkok at the location of your choice in Bangkok or you may Learn English Online using Skype.

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