Teachers at Thai Language Hut possess some excellent bi-lingual skills and can communicate and teach effectively in English and Thai. Depending on your level of Thai and English we can recommend you the most appropriate teacher for your needs. We also recommend mixing up your teachers ie do not just have one teacher – this will accelerate your learning as you will appreciate different teaching styles and accents. All teachers are highly professional, customer-focused and possess appropriate qualifications and experience. Many teachers either teach at international schools or have taught at international schools or Universities in Bangkok.

How Teachers are Chosen

All teachers are hand-picked not just for possessing the correct paper qualifications or experience but for having the right positive attitude and energy needed to make lessons stimulating. Our teachers are genuinely interested in your learning and are not merely running through a book A-Z.

Please look at our school Testimonials for feedback on our teachers’ performance.

Prae | Thai Teacher

Prae Thai and English Language Teacher

Prae taught for 7 years at Kindergarten and Primary School (English Program). Prae got hooked on teaching as motivated to seeing her young students learning and gaining in confidence. Teaching at Thai Language Hut School is not much different! Yes, the students are bigger, but she still, gets the same satisfaction imparting knowledge in a student-friendly fashion. Prae loves to see her students’ successfully reading, writing and communication with Thai locals. She aims to make your learning of Thai fun and easy for you whilst pushing your learning. My speciality is teaching tones. Prae is difficult to please and will check every tone of every word her students speak until they speak clearly.

Jane | Thai Teacher

Jane Thai Language Teacher

Sawaddii ka, I’m Jane. I have worked as a Thai Language Teacher since I graduated. Teaching the Thai Language to foreign students from complete beginners to those at an advanced level is a challenge but enjoyable. Further, I create instructional media such as Thai videos, Thai conversation audiobooks and writing textbooks to help foreigners learn the Thai language faster and more efficiently.  Before working as a Thai teacher, I studied the Faculty of Arts as my Thai major so I know how to explain and easily teach Thai. In the class, I will help students to learn Thai with confidence so they can speak and write Thai clearly and accurately. Moreover, my students will understand Thai ideas and culture.

Jang – Thai & English Teacher
Jang English and Thai language Teacher

The danger in teaching Thai to non-Thai’s is that it is such a complex alien language it can be quite daunting. I attempt to make my teaching interesting and assessable by creating interesting bite-sized chunks of information which the student can easily digest. Through having a series of small steps the student can make good progress and feel confident about their ability. It is up to the teacher to inspire and lead the student. I aim to make my lessons friendly and fun but still with a focus on results. Teaching English to non-English speakers is enjoyable. Being particularly sympathetic to Thai’s learning English comes to me easily as I remember the difficulty I had learning English. I have and have a lot of Thai nationals, students and spouses that I teach online. Further, I have an interest in Japanese and have several Japanese students also こんにちは.

Aoi – Thai & English Teacher

Aoi Professional English and Thai language teacher

Aoi has taught Thai to many corporate customers for over 5 years, an accomplished and well-received teacher she also has both a Degree and a Masters Degree in Business Administration helping her to effectively explain business terms in both Thai and English. She has taught students at most large international companies here in Thailand. Aoi is the newest member of the Thai Language Hut team, we are certain she will fit in well given her professionalism and a good sense of humour. We wish her well.

Fai | English & Thai Teacher

Kruu Fai Highly Experienced and Professional Language Teacher

Fai is an experienced English teacher who has now turned her hand to teaching Thai too. Her teaching style is to make all students feel relaxed when studying. This does not mean that she is not strict. Fai pushes her students to speak a lot, using correct tones, sounds and grammar. The students must also answer their questions correctly before advancing. This is her approach. Sometimes different techniques are needed for different kind of students. Being student-focused, Fai adapts her teaching style to the student’s needs whilst testing along the way. She gains satisfaction from watching her students develop both in knowledge and confidence as they learn their new language.