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How to say Goodbye in Thai Language

Taking Leave, Excuse or Goodbye in Thai language

When it comes to the time to say Goodbye, Thai people normally pick up the words that match the type or groups of people they are speaking to. For friends they will simply say “ Bpai-lá-ná…… Laéw-jer-gan” but when they speak up to the senior ones they will probably say “Kŏr-dtua-glab-gàwn-ná (ká/kráb)…. Sà-wàd-dee (kâ/kráb)”. Many times Thai people say ‘bye’ or ‘bye-bye’ just like in English when they speak to friends.

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Taking leave or Goodbye

I have to goDtâwng-bpai-laéw (kâ/kráb)ต้องไปแล้ว(ค่ะ/ครับ)
May I be excused for a moment?Kŏr-dtua-sàk-krôo (kâ/kráb)ขอตัวสักครู่(ค่ะ/ครับ)
May I be excused??Kŏr-dtua-gàwn-ná (ká/kráb)ขอตัวก่อนนะ (คะ/ครับ)
May I take a leave? (formal)Kŏr-dtua-glab-gàwn-ná (ká/kráb)ขอตัวกลับก่อนนะ (คะ/ครับ)
I’m leaving! (returning to your place)Glab-gàwn-ná (ká/kráb)กลับก่อนนะ(คะ/ครับ)
I’m leaving!Bpai-gàwn-ná (ká/kráb)ไปก่อนนะ(คะ/ครับ)
I’m leaving!Bpai-lá-náไปละนะ
See you laterLaéw-jer-gan (kâ/kráb)แล้วเจอกัน(ค่ะ/ครับ)
See you againWái-jer-ganไว้เจอกัน
Good-byeSà-wàd-dee(kâ/kráb)สวัสดี (ค่ะ/ครับ)
Bye!Wàd-dee(kâ/kráb)หวัดดี (ค่ะ/ครับ)
GoodbyeLaa-gàwn (kâ/kráb)ลาก่อน (ค่ะ/ครับ)

Please note that the word “Laa-gàwn” which means “goodbye” is used when someone are leaving to somewhere for a long period or mostly like you two will never see each other again.

In Thai we rarely say this word because it gives us a feeling that we’re not going to see or meet that person again. We’d rather say “Sà-wàd-dee”, “Wàd-dee”, “Bpai-lá-ná”, “Bpai-gàwn-ná” and “Laéw-jer-gan”

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