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Thai Vocabulary

Psychological Test : What did you see in this picture?

Please be honest 🙂

Learn Thai from the Psychological Test



What did you see in the picture?

A) the couples are enjoying themselves            B) 9 dolphins

Believe it or not!?
If you see 9 dolphins in the picture indicate that your mind is still innocent and think nothing with sexuality.
Also the little children, most of them saw the dolphins because their mind is still innocent.

As for me, I saw only dophins. Do you believe me?? hehehehehehe..


dolphin           =  bplaa-loh-maa    ปลาโลมา
Psychology   =  jìt-dtà-wít-tá-yaa    จิตวิทยา
innocent         =   rái-diang-s
ǎa    ไร้เดียงสา

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