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Shopping in Thailand

Going shopping is something most people do when they first arrive in Thailand. There are not only many air-conditioned shopping malls but also literally dozens of outdoor markets selling practically everything you would want.

Prices in department stores are fixed but in markets, you are expected to haggle the price. If you can speak some shopping vocabulary and phrases, it will be easier for you to haggle the price. Also,  you might benefit from some discount!

Let’s start learning some Shopping phrases below ……Learn Thai, useful word for shopping.

ราคาเท่าไร (ra ka thao rai)

How much is this?

แพงไหม (paeng bai) 

That is a little expensive.

ลดหน่อยได้ไหม (lot noi dai mai) 

Can you make it cheaper?

*The Thai word “noi” means little and is used to make a request sound more polite. All “dai mai” questions are answered with “dai” for “yes” and “mai dai” for “no”.

……บาท ได้ไหม (… baht dai mai)

How about … baht?

ช่วยได้ไหม (chuay dai mai) 

Can you help me?

ขอดูได้ไหม (khor doo dai mai) 

Can I see that?

ขอดูเท่านั้น (khor doo thao nun) 

I am just looking.

จะมาใหม่ (ja ma mai) 

I will come back later.

มีใหญ่กว่าไหม (mee yai gwar mai) 

Do you have something bigger?

*The thai word “yai” means “big”. Adding “gwar” after it makes it “bigger”.

มีเล็กกว่าไหม (mee lek gwar mai)

Do you have something smaller?

*The thai word “lek” means “small”. Adding “gwar” after it makes it “smaller”.

มีถูกกว่าไหม (mee took gwar mai)

Do you have something cheaper?

*The thai word “took” means “cheap”. Adding “gwar” after it makes it “cheaper”.

มีสีอื่นไหม (mee see auen mai)

Do you have another colour?

จ่ายเงินที่ไหน (jai ngoen tee nai)

Where do I pay?

*Enjoy with your shopping time!

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