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Move with the times | Thai Language Training moving online

Move with the times – Offline, Online Training for Paiboon Publishing’s Thai Language Customers

Thai Language Hut School - Learn Thai Online - Paiboon

Paiboon Publishing’s Thai language customers benefit from an option to learn with an online professional language teacher from Thai Language Hut School, globally using Skype.

This month Paiboon Publishing will be jointly promoting, with Thai Language Hut School, Private Online Thai Language Training to Paiboon Thai language customers. Paiboon Publishing will insert bookmarks into their Thai language-learning materials with details of the online training, links for further information and an offer of a free 1-hour trial lesson.

“Learning on your own with a book, though possible can sometimes be difficult.” Commented Nut Shee, Director at Thai Language Hut School. “You need a lot of self-motivation and the ability to create a structured learning program. While this is perfectly possible with the excellent materials from Paiboon Publishing, a lot of students are much more successful with a teacher-led program.”

Thai Language Hut School has been using Paiboon Publishing’s language-learning materials for over four years and both the students and the school administration have been impressed with both the quality and the depth of the materials available. As Jang Wang Principle Teacher at the Thai Language School explains, “…the materials all follow the same phonetic code. This is a huge advantage for the new learner. It means the transliteration (conversion of Thai script to Romanized text) will be the same in both the Course Book, and the Dictionary and across the wide range of additional materials available by Paiboon Publishing. The students are truly fortunate. No other publisher offers this depth of material.”

Benjawan Becker of Paiboon Publishing added, “We have developed a strong relationship with Thai Language Hut School and it feels like a natural extension to offer their Online Professional Language Training to our customers. We produce high-quality language materials, but Thai being a tonal language can be a challenge to many students studying on their own. Teacher-led training can really help and private teacher-led training as offered by Thai Language Hut School is the most effective way to learn a new language.”

2013 03 Bookmark-02A - paiboonPaiboon Publishing and Thai Language Hut School are at the forefront in keeping up with the changes in the language-learning industry making their products & services more accessible to their customers online. Internet training and Smartphone apps are the recent preferred methods of providing educational products. Currently, 40% of Thai Language Hut School courses are delivered online or through a combination of online and in-school sessions (Combination Training). Paiboon Publishing estimates that the application business is growing 40% a year. As a percentage of their business from a zero start point in 2011 the application business is now approximately 50% and is set to grow as both the number of titles and the number of smartphone users increase.

Paiboon Publishing now has five language-learning apps for Smartphone and tablet devices, available on both Apple iOS and Android platforms. Benjawan Becker stated, “Our schedule is to release four to five entirely new app products within the next six months.” Our Talking Thai-English Dictionary app and Thai for Beginners app were released two years ago and have both been selling well. We followed up with the Cambodian for Beginners app and the Vietnamese for Beginners app in 2012. Our new Survival Thai app series release has just started with the launch of the Survival Thai for English Speakers app in March 2013 and will soon follow with Survival Thai for French Speakers app and Survival Thai for German Speakers app. We are also very excited that within the next few months, Paiboon Publishing will be launching our Talking Mandarin Chinese Phrasebook app and our Talking Thai Phrasebook app. These two products will set the new benchmark for high-quality phrasebook apps.

Both Benjawan Becker and Nut Shee see that the future is about making their products & services accessible and relevant to their language-learning customers. Students desire a lot more flexibility within their training nowadays to fit in with their busy lifestyles and they want publishers and schools to accommodate their needs both in terms of the high quality of the product and the way it is distributed. Our future is electronic, Smartphone apps, PC and online, but always with a personal touch.

About Us

Thai Language Hut established in 2006 is a specialized school delivering flexible private Online/Offline language learning solutions for Thai and English from its base in Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok. The school is owned by Cambridge Language Consultants Co., Ltd a Thai company; people with a passion for imparting language to language learners.

Paiboon Publishing was established in 1996 in Berkeley, California, USA by Benjawan Poomsan Becker. The company also has an office in Bangkok. The unique Thai/Western links has helped Paiboon Publishing produce and publish high quality, user-friendly language books, audio, Smartphone apps and other learning materials that allow people to learn and communicate effectively. Our products are sold in bookstores throughout Thailand, on-line direct from our office in the US and distributors in Europe.