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Thai Vocabulary

How to express emotion with the word ที่ tîi | that

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We are pleased (that) the raining season is over.

Expressing Emotion

using ที่ tîi | Thai


Emotional verbs (to be angry, sorry, excited etc.) are generally followed by ที่ /tîi/ + Subordinate Clause.

The word ที่ /tîi/ is similar in function to English ‘that’ (sorry that, angry that, happy that), but unlike ‘that’ which is optional in English, ที่ /tîi/ is compulsory when using the Thai language.

For example:

เขาโกรธที่ฉันไม่บอกเขา /káo gròot tîi chán mâi bᴐ̀ᴐk káo/

He is angry (that) I did not tell him.
ฉันเสียใจที่ไม่ได้ไปร่วมงานแต่งงานด้วย /chán sǐa-jai tîi wan-nán mâi dâai bpai rûuam ngaan dtɛ̀ng-ngaan dûai/

I am sorry (that) I did not go to your wedding.
เราดีใจที่ฤดูฝนผ่านไปแล้ว /rao dii-jai tîi rʉ-duu-fǒn pàan bpai lɛ́ɛo/

We are pleased (that) the raining season is over.

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 By Prae
Thai Language Teacher