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Time to Hone SE Asian Language Skills in Preparation of ASEAN Economic Community

Leading SE Asian language publisher, Paiboon Publishing builds upon number 1 status in the Thai market by publishing innovative Smartphone “Survival Guide apps” with new Mandarin Chinese and Lao languages for English speakers

By Thai Language Hut
Published: Monday, Jul. 29, 2013 – 5:36 amASEAN Language Skills Paiboon Thai Language Hut

ASEAN Need for Language Skills

BANGKOK, July 29, 2013 — /PRNewswire/ — Asian Language Skills | The massive business growth opportunity in Asia creates demand for language-learning worldwide. With ASEAN (Asian Economic Community) coming within 2 years there will be greater demand from local ASEAN countries and worldwide markets for language studies. The first step for successful business transactions in Asia is having an understanding of the people, their language and their culture. Paiboon Publishing having recognized this demand has raised the benchmark with exceptional app products for learners of SE Asian languages, for Mandarin Chinese and Lao, in addition to their successful Burmese, Vietnamese, Cambodian and Thai language products.

Paiboon and Thai Language Hut Online Solutions

Paiboon Publishing is an innovative leader in the SE Asian language-learning sector offering high-quality learning materials with Smartphone apps for iOS and Android, in addition to the traditional book, DVD and audio CD options. The publisher is also unique by offering their Thai customers real-time Skype online training from Thai Language Hut School, a leader in online Thai language training.  Thai Language Hut School was itself recently awarded the Best Facebook Language Page for learners of Thai and English 2013 by Lexiophiles, winning over stiff competition worldwide.

Paiboon Publishing Methodology

Paiboon Publishing’s unique and well-tested methodology drives the Mandarin Chinese and Lao Smartphone language-learning “Survival Guides.” When it comes to language training the foundation is the methodology or approach used to explain and build language knowledge for the student.  With a solid foundation, the knowledge of the student can rise with confidence.  With passion and extensive experience developing language-learning materials Paiboon CEO, Benjawan Poomsan Becker, developed the Paiboon Thai language methodology over 10 years ago to help Westerners understand tonal languages.  This phonetic approach became a breakthrough leading to Paiboon Publishing becoming the number 1 seller of Thai language-learning materials worldwide. The success of this unique methodology has led it to become seen as the de facto Thai language-learning standard.

As Benjawan comments:  Benjawan Poomsan Becker Paiboon ASEAN Language Skills

“I thought I could offer something better. The transliteration system I designed for Thai and the other languages is very consistent and easy for the students to use. The feedback from customers is that the material is not intimidating. The vocabulary is easy to learn, but is very useful and practical in the situations the students find themselves in.”

Building on the strength of its success, Paiboon Publishing launched a Mandarin Chinese app to address the huge demand for Chinese language-learning materials for English speakers to build ASEAN language skills.

Benjawan remarked:

“We don’t expect to replace pinyin with our new Mandarin transliteration system, but we do expect new learners to find our system much easier and quicker to learn. Our system is, of course, consistent and only takes a few hours to learn in comparison to pinyin which can take weeks to master.”

Paiboon Publishing and Thai Language Hut School help build bridges between Westerner speakers and tonal SE Asian languages building ASEAN language skills, thus helping to make Asian languages and cultures assessable. The importance of SE Asia as both a business and travel destination, particularly with ASEAN coming, will assure strong demand for these new Smartphone “Survival Guide apps.”

Thai Language Hut School delivers flexible Online language learning solutions for Thai and English people with a passion for imparting language.

Paiboon Publishing unique Thai/Western links helped produce high quality, user-friendly language books, audio, Smartphone apps and other learning materials that allow people to learn and communicate effectively.