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Expat Survival Package | Learn Thai in Bangkok

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Expat Survival Package – Learn Thai in Bangkok

Sometimes being in Thailand you feeling as if you are an alien from another world. The food, culture, language …strange goings-on – it can make you feel on the outside of everything. Even basic tasks like paying bills, organizing mobile phone contracts, buying food, or getting directions can become a major frustrating task. This is not helped by every other Thai person you walk pass calling out ‘farang, farang’.

Take off the mask and interact!!!

We aim to make Thailand more accessible to you, through the development of good Thai language skills. We want you to break down barriers, interact and be a part of what is going on around you.

How do we do this!?

We do this by delivering to you our interactive survival program, using a system we call Active Learning focusing on everyday events. The program combines online academic learning of Thai grammar with real-life examples provided by us or yourself in your everyday life.

There are two streams available:

  • Thai Language Speaking only (phonetic – stylised Thai Script written in English)
  • Thai Language with Speaking and Thai Script only

Here are the highlights of the courses:

60 Hour length
Taken 3 times a week at a time convenient to you
(Between 9 am-6 pm Mon-Fri | Weekends and other times are available for an additional fee)
2 Hours per lesson
Lessons can be paused or booked with 24 hours notice
Lessons are delivered online via Skype
Course to be taken within one year
The course will take you from Beginner to Lower Intermediate Level

You will be able to deal with following typical examples of survival situations in Thai:

  • Getting Around – Traveling around Bangkok and Thailand
  • Food and Restaurants – What to eat not to eat + how to order what you want
  • Questioning – What, where, why, who and how
  • Directions – How to get there and back with minimum hassle
  • Transport – Including what to do when stopped by Traffic Police!
  • Shopping – Bargaining, Sizes, Complaints …a favourite
  • Culture – Hints and tips about getting along in Thailand
  • Formal & Informal Thai – Important to know when to use and not to use the correct Thai
  • Romantic Thai – How to meet and speak to that special someone in Thai
  • Immigration – How to address officers, how to get along with immigration staff

The course will cover this and more…

Don’t be put off by Thai Script

…And before you think about just studying speaking (phonetic) Thai language skills and not Thai script as this looks difficult …please remember if you want to get along here it helps to understand a little Thai script. Let me give you an example. I have a friend who speaks good clear Thai far better than my own but he has no knowledge of Thai script. One day he was searching for a shop to repair his mobile phone but he was unable to locate the shop. He was sent up and down the street several times by the Thai’s he asked. He could not understand it. After a frustrating hour or so he asked another Thai who looked at him quizzically and pointed at the shop next to him. The name of the shop was written in Thai but he could not read the script!

There are no surprises however if you have no experience of the Thai language and wish to start with learning Thai Script this is possible but your progress will be slower than starting with phonetic Thai. There will, however, come a point if learning script only when your knowledge and capability will accelerate past those starting with phonetic as you will already have the script under your belt. This is because to learn with Thai Script you will as a course of learning the script learn the language tones and further you will not need to transition from phonetic to Thai script. Starting with Thai script is to be recommended but will require more commitment and patience.

To book this training please send us an inquiry below and we will be happy to help you or look for further information regarding Thai Language Hut please click this link

If you would like to learn some Thai now then please try out our Thai Language blog

The Expat Survival package is a part of Thai Language Hut Language Services offered to help you get along more successfully in Thailand.