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Against all odds – Benefits of 1 to 1 training

We are often asked why we do not offer standard scheduled training so I thought it worth explaining why in a little more detail. This also explains why Thai Language Hut has beaten the trends of other language schools and is growing despite poor economic conditions, particularly for ‘farang’ here in Bangkok. The school has grown over 60% since December 2008. I hope you will benefit from this teaching insight and be able to apply this simple logic to all learning environments when making choices regarding learning styles!

Training 1 teacher to 1 student only the benefits

1. 100% attention of the teacher

2.No distractions delays caused by other students

3. No lost classes due to scheduling problems or illness

= This equates to fast learning

= Highly cost effective!

1 to 1 teaching means the student does not have to share the teacher with other students; thus allowing our teachers at Thai Language Hut to focus on the most important aspect of teaching, the student and the student’s needs only. Items like specific topics of interest to the student or changes to the curriculum can be incorporated with minimum fuss and without holding up other students – or the student being held up by other people. This makes lessons relevant to the student’s needs only and avoids time being wasted. There is another key advantage of 1 to 1 training and that is schedule flexibility. Lessons can be cancelled or schedule changed to fit the needs of the student. Missed lessons are not lost lessons – just rescheduled!

Cost of Private Language Training

You would think given this high level of attention that this would equate to expensive course costs. Well, actually no. Some basic calculations reveal the true cost of scheduled training to be very expensive compared to 1 to 1 training. Consider a class of 6 people or 10 people – the student will be getting but 1/6 or 1/10 of the teacher’s attention, but the student does not pay 1/6 or 1/10 of the price of 1 to 1 training. Normally, scheduled training is about 60-70% of the prices of Thai Language Hut for the same amount of hours (or about the price of 1 teacher to 2 students, not 1 student to 6 or 10!). So you can see 1 to 1 training offers good value both in terms of price and in terms of value.

Students at Thai Language Hut have realized they are on to a good thing. They get good results in a short time, do not waste their time covering items of interest to other students and, get all this for a bargain price compared to the scheduled training. To add to this students at Thai Language Hut also benefit from different learning delivery options to make their learning more interesting and relevant. This includes the unique Thai Language Hut ‘Walk About’ training. It is no wonder why Thai Language Hut is growing so fast.

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Thai Language Hut is a Specialist Thai Language School for foreigners wanting to come to grips with learning the Thai language. Be it speaking, reading or writing we can help you learn Thai through attending Thai Language Courses online in a friendly open environment which invites discussion and exploration of the Thai language, ancient and modern culture.