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Thai Phrases

Learn Thai Proverb | The Walls Have Ears | Be Careful What You Say

How to say ‘The walls haveThai Proverb ears in Thai’

Hi everyone.

In this bite-sized blog, we will learn a Thai Proverb.

กำแพงมีหู ประตูมีตา /gam-pɛɛng mii hǔu, bprà-dtuu mii dtaa/ literally means “walls have ears, doors have eyes”.

You need to be careful about what you say because there someone can hear and they can reveal your secret. This proverb is the same as an English proverb, “Walls have ears”.

Huh? Do you want to tell me your secret? But be careful to say nothing bad because …..กำแพงมีหู ประตูมีตา!!

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