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Learn Thai Vocabulary | Formal words

Thai Vocabulary

Thai Formal Words

Hi everyone,

In this blog, we’ll learn a few common Thai vocabulary ‘Formal words’.

One way of indicating politeness in Thai is to use polite particles, such as kráp and kâ/ká. Another way is to select the more formal of two words with the same meaning, such as sâap instead to rúu and two more formal words are taan (to eat) and ráp (to receive, want) used by restaurant staff when taking orders:

Formal                          Informal

sâap                                  rúu

ex. chán mâi sâap kâ / chán mâi rúu kâ = I don’t know.

taan                                   gin

ex. taan láeo kâ / gin láeo kâ = I’m eat already.

ráp                                     ao

ex. ráp à-rai ká / ao à-rai ká = What do you want to have?

Hope this blog is helpful for you:)

By Prae
Thai Language Teacher