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Thai Phrases

Learn Thai Proverb | Easy and Convenient! | ปอกกล้วยเข้าปาก

How to say so Easy and convenient using Thai is So Easya Thai proverb

Sà-wàt-dii kâ

Today I have a great Thai proverb for you.

Here we go!

When you do something really really easy, you can say ปอกกล้วยเข้าปาก /bpɔ̀ɔk glûay kâo bpàak/

ปอกกล้วยเข้าปาก /bpɔ̀ɔk glûay kâo bpàak/ literally means “To peel banana and put it in the mouth”.

This actually means “Easy and convenient”.

What do you think about Thai language? Ha? Did you say, ปอกกล้วยเข้าปาก /bpɔ̀ɔk glûay kâo bpàak/?

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