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Thai Vocabulary

Learning Thai Vocabulary | Thai Soap Opera

Thai Soap Opera | ละครไทยLearn Thai Soap Opera Vocabulary

Learn about the Thai Soap Opera, roles and Vocabulary in this Thai Language blog.

“Lá-kawn ละคร” in Thai means “soap opera”. I am not a big fan of the Thai soap opera (faen lá-kawn แฟนละคร). I don’t like watching it much…maî koî châwp doo taô-raì ไม่ค่อยชอบดูเท่าไหร่ because I find it boring or naâ-buèh น่าเบื่อ.

Many Thai people are really addicted to the Lá-kawn (dtìd lá-kawn ติดละคร) and if you look at the T.V. programs  (raai-gaan-toe-rá-tát  รายการโทรทัศน์) of each channel (châwng ช่อง) you will see that there are plenty of soap opera queue up for being on-air (àwk-aa-gaàd ออกอากาศ). The highlight one is the one after the evening news (kaào-paâk-kâm  ข่าวภาคค่ำ)  about 8.20pm.

Thai Soap Opera Roles

In the Lá-kawn Thai, it is important to have these roles as follows:

1.      Prá-aìk            พระเอกis a man who plays a main character among the male characters and in Lá-kawn Thai you can easily notice who is the ‘Prá-aìk พระเอก’ by the way he looks…usually handsome (lòr หล่อ), rich (ruay รวย), smart (gêng  เก่ง) and a nice person (kon-dee  คนดี)

2.      Naang-aìk  นางเอก is a woman who plays the main character among the female characters. In Lá-kawn Thai you can easily notice who is the ‘Naang-aìk นางเอก’ by the way she looks…usually pretty (naâ-rák  น่ารัก) or beautiful (suăy  สวย), smart (gèng   เก่ง). A typical Naang-aìk is usually poor (jon  จน) and lives her life in a hardship (kwaam lam-baàk  ความลำบาก)

3.      Prá-rawng  พระรอง is a man who plays a supporting role apart from the Prá-aìk พระเอก. Prá-rawng พระรอง is usually a nice and good-looking person and on the same side as Prá-aìk พระเอก or Naang-aìk นางเอก.

4.      Naang-rawng  นางรองis a woman who plays a supporting role apart from the Naang-aìk นางเอก. ‘Naang-rawng  นางรอง is usually a nice person and pretty and also is on the same side as Naang-aìk นางเอก or Prá-aìk พระเอก.

5.      Naang-raái  นางร้ายis a woman who plays a supporting role and acts like a jealous woman who falls in love with the Prá-aìk พระเอกand tries to steal the Prá-aìk  พระเอกaway from the Naang-aìk นางเอก. You can easily notice who is the ‘Naang-raái นางร้าย’ by the way she acts…usually screaming, pretending, slapping Naang-aìk’s face.

6.      Dtua-gohng  ตัวโกงis a man who plays a supporting role and acts like a bad guy or mafia and tries to eliminate or hurt the Prá-aìk พระเอก.

7.      Dtua-dtà-lòk ตัวตลกis a man or a woman who plays a supporting role and acts in a funny way or say something funny.

8.      Dtua-bprà-gàwb  ตัวประกอบare the rest of the characters in the story that are less important than the other 7 as mentioned above.

Now you can understand more about Lá-kawn Thai when you watch it on the Thai T.V.  It is a good way to practice your Thai skills through the Lá-kawn!

Hope you enjoyed watching lá-kawn Thai & learning Thai kâ

Kru Mulan