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How to say in Thai | To wish | To Give | To Allow | To Instruct | ให้ hâi

How to say give in Thai language

The Compound

Verb ให้  hâi

The compound verb ให้  hâi has many meanings in Thai:

> To Wish

> To Give

> To Allow

> To Instruct / Tell someone to do something

It is a very useful and widely use compound verb you will hear spoken a lot which when used correctly can change the sense and meaning of a sentence. Given its many meanings, it is quite easy to get confused so you will need to practice this verb many times to perfect your knowledge.

Thai Phrases using ให้  hâi

The word “ให้ /hâi/” it occurs as the first element in a number of common compound verbs which convey a sense of causation

ให้……ดู /hâi …duu/        ( let / have + see )                      to show

ให้…..เกิด  /haâi…gəət/      ( let / have + happen )           to cause, create

ให้…..เช่า /hâi…châo/          ( let / have + rent )               to rent to

ให้…..ยืม /hâi…yʉʉm/       ( let / have + borrow )           to lend

บอก…..ให้ + verb  /bᴐ̀ᴐk … hâi/  to tell someone to + verb

ขอให้….  /kᴐ̌ᴐ hâi/ to wish


ให้เขาดูแผนที่หน่อย / hâi káo duu pԑ̌ԑn-tîi nͻ̀i /

Show him the map / let him see the map.

เราให้เพื่อนเช่าบ้านของเรา /rao hâi pʉ̂an châo bâan kͻ̌ͻng rao /

We rent our house to a friend. (We let a friend rent our house.)

ผมไม่ให้ลูกยืมรถ /pǒm mâi hâi lûuk yʉʉm rót kͻ̌ͻng pǒm /

I don’t let my children borrow my car. (I don’t lend my children my car.)

บอกเขาให้มาที่นี่ /bᴐ̀ᴐk káo hâi maa tîi-nîi/

Tell him to come here.

ขอให้โชคดี /kᴐ̌ᴐ hâi chôok-dii/

Wish you a good luck.

Hope you enjoyed learning a little Thai language.

See you next time!

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