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Thai Phrases

Learn Thai Phrases | As much as or As far as | เท่าที่ tâo-tîi |

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How to say As Much AsAs far as I know in Thai

or As Far As in Thai

Sàwàtdii kâ ,

Hi everyone in this blog we will learn the Thai Phrase to say As Far As or As Much As.

1.chán jà bɔ̀ɔk kun tâo –tîi chán rúu


I will tell you as much as I know.

2.tâo-tîi chán rúu káo sà-bai dii


As far as I know , he’s well.

3.tâo-tîi jam dâai káo bɔ̀ɔk wâa jà maa wan jan nâa.


As far as I  remember he told me he was coming next Monday.

Hope this short Thai lesson is useful to you.

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I hope to see you again in the next Thai lesson ka.


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