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Thai Slang

Learn Thai Slang | Acting Too Cute | Play Acting แอ๊บแบ๊ว ɛ́p-bɛ́w

How to say if someone isLearn Thai slang, แอ๊บแบ๊ว play acting too cute in Thai slang!

Hi everyone,

In this blog I would like to teach you some fun Thai Slang to make fun of your friends when they are play acting!

The Thai slang for today is แอ๊บแบ๊ว ɛ́p-bɛ́w

แอ๊บแบ๊ว/ɛ́p-bɛ́w/ is used for someone who is pretending cute, pretending silly, acting cute or speaking cute unnaturally.

For example:

ผู้หญิงคนนั้นชอบแอ๊บแบ๊ว /pûu-yǐng kon nán chɔ̂ɔp  ɛ́p-bɛ́w/

That girl like pretending cute.

How about you?

..คุณชอบแอ๊บแบ๊วไหม /kun chɔ̂ɔp  ɛ́p-bɛ́w mái?/ Do you like acting cute?…

Hope you enjoy playing acting with this Thai slang!

Want to learn more? Why not try a free trial lesson with us online. We also teach English too 🙂 

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