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Thai Vocabulary

Learn Thai: Grocery Shopping List

Grocery Shopping ListThai Vocabulary using Thai Language

Sà-wàt-dii kâ…

Oops! I need to go to shopping at the grocery store. Do you want to go grocery shopping with me?

I think we should practice some grocery shopping Thai phrases and Thai vocabulary before going there!

Are you ready to Learn Thai? OK here we go!

Thai Vocabulary – Shopping List

กระดาษทิชชู     /grà-dàat tít-chûu/    =    Tissue paper

น้ำยาล้างจาน   /nám-yaa-láang-jaan/   =    Dishwashing liquid

น้ำยาปรับผ้านุ่ม   /nám-yaa-bpràp-pâa-nûm/  =    Fabric softener

ผงซักฟอก    /pǒng-sák-fɔ̂ɔk/   =    Detergent

ยาสระผม  /yaa-sà-pǒm/   =    Shampoo

สบู่   /sà-bùu/   =   Soap

ยาสีฟัน /yaa-sǐi-fan/   =   Toothpaste

แปรงสีฟัน   /bprɛɛng-sǐi-fan/   =    Toothbrush

คุณมี_____ ไหม /kun mii _____ mái?/     = Do you have_____?

____อยู่ที่ไหน  /_____yùu tîi nai/   =  Where is /are _____?

ไปทางไหน    /bpai taang nai/    =  Which way?

Wowww! Good job! Now you can go grocery shopping with me. Let’s go and don’t forget your money!

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