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Thai Vocabulary

Thai Flower Jasmine ดอกมะลิ

Thai FlowersJasmine ดอกมะลิ

Sawatdii ka!

On Mother’s Day in Thailand sons and daughters give their mother the white, pretty and scented flower Jasmine to their mother.


Today I explain the meaning of this gift, why do Thai people use Jasmine the symbolize Mother’s Day.

Thai people believe that Jasmine is the best flower for mother’s day as it has a good scent and pure white color. This also explains why Thais use Jasmine in Buddhist ceremonies or to worship to the image of Buddha.

Also, the white colour can be symbolic of purity and gentleness which it is comparable to love of a mother that gives to children so this flower became the symbol of a mother on Mother’s Day.


Jasmine   ดอกมะลิ    / dɔ̀ɔk má-lí/

Symbol    สัญลักษณ์   /sǎn-yá-lák/

Mother’s Day  วันแม่   /wan-mɛ̂ɛ/

Hope you enjoyed this short Thai lesson!

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