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Thai Phrases

Thai Proverb | To make up a story out of thin air

Make upปั้นน้ำเป็นตัว To make up a story out of thin air

Sawatdii ka everyone,

Today I come with a quick bite-sized lesson to teach you a Thai proverb.

I think nobody likes a liar (คนโกหก /kon go hòk/)! Neither do I.

In Thai, the person who likes to lie is a person who likes to ปั้นน้ำเป็นตัว /bpân nám bpen dtua/

ปั้นน้ำเป็นตัว /bpân nám bpen dtua/ literally means “to mold water into the shape”

It can compare to English proverb “create a story out of thin air”.

Have you ever seen the person who ปั้นน้ำเป็นตัว before?


Thai Language Teacher