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Learn Thai | Beer & beverages in Thailand

Thai Beer & beverages

While tap water is not generally recommended for consumption, ice is generally safe in Thailand and bottled water is ubiquitous and cheap.  If you are concerned, you can always stick with Thai beer, its nearly as cheap and the high alcohol content of Thai beer ensures that any germs aren’t likely to survive; Singha (pronounced “Sing”) and Chang (which means elephant) are the two most popular..

we help you to learn Thai bear sǐngThai Language Hut help you to learn Thaibear cháang

Fruit smoothies and fruit juice are both very popular: smoothies made with fresh fruit and sugar syrup are blended with ice that is generally safe to consume.  Coconut milk is another safe option as the coconut is simply cracked open from the top and served whole with a straw.

speak Thai with Thai language Hut nám dtaeng moo Thai lesson about Beverage nám má-práao

Thai ice tea is served with condensed milk, which gives it a pinkish orange color and sweet flavor.  Thai ice coffee (oliang) is a strong black pick me up far superior to the Nescafe that is so often served as “coffee” in many restaurants.  Otherwise, there are many Starbucks throughout the Kingdom, particularly in Bangkok, if you really need a quick coffee fix.

learn thai chaa nom yen we help you to learn Thai gaa-fae yen

Finally, red bull energy drink was invented in Thailand and can be procured at 7-11 and mom and pop minimarts for 10 baht.  There are other local brands, but taste and potency vary widely.

thai drink Red Bull grà-ting daeng

By Prae

Thai Language Teacher