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Learn Thai: Shoes | รองเท้า

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Shoe Vocabulary | รองเท้า

Hi everyone, today we will learn some Thai vocabulary in this short blog about shoes and shoe types.

These are the Thai words for many kinds of shoes!

รองเท้าส้นสูง       /rong-táo sôn-sǔung/     high heels

Thai Language High Heeled Shoes

รองเท้าหนัง         /rong-táo nǎng/                 leather shoes

leather shoes in Thai

รองเท้าผ้าใบ       /rong-táo pâa-bai/           sneakers, canvas shoes

Learn Thai Sneakers or Trainers

รองเท้าแตะ        /rong-táo dtàe/                   flip flop shoes

Flip Flops

รองเท้าสาน        /rong-táo sǎan/                   Sandals

Learn Thai Vocabulary

รองเท้าบูท       /rong-táo búut/                   Boots

Online Thai lessons

Kun chôrp rong-táo à-rai ká?

I hope this helps you to learn a little Thai shoe vocabulary!