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Learn Thai | Question Particle Word | เหรอ lə̌ə

learn thai question word เหรอThai Question Word เหรอ/lə̌ə/

The question particle word ‘เหรอ/lə̌ə/’ is a question particle, used in questions which are seeking confirmation of assumption ie it is an assumed statement question 🙂

Answers to ‘เหรอ/lə̌ə/questions are formed as follows:

  • · Yes: ครับ/kráp/, ค่ะ/kâ/ (+VERB) or VERB + ครับ/kráp/, ค่ะ/kâ/
  • · No: ไม่/mâi/ + VERB or เปล่า/bplào/ + ครับ/kráp/, ค่ะ/kâ/ (+ ไม่/mâi/ + VERB)*

* Note ‘เปล่า/bplào/’ conveys a stronger sense of denying the assumption made in the question; to avoid abruptness, it may be followed by a further clarifying statement.

For example;

Q: อันนี้แปดสิบบาทเหรอค่ะ /an-níi bpɛ̀ɛt-sìp bàat lə̌ə kâ/

(80 baht?)

A: ครับ/kráp/, ค่ะ/kâ/


ไม่/mâi/ or เปล่า, เก้าสิบบาท (ค่ะ,ครับ) /bplào, gâo-sìp bàat (kráp, kâ)/

(No. / No, 90 baht.)

I hope knowledge of this question particle will help you Speak Thai more like a native Thai speaker.

Remember practice makes perfect!

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I hope to see you at my next Thai lesson.  

By Prae
Thai Language Teacher