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Thai Vocabulary

Learn Thai Grammar | Prefix ความ+ Verb | kwaam + Verb

Learn Thai online | ความรักทำให้คนตาบอดHow to change a Thai Verb to a Noun – Prefix Kwaam

Sàwàt dii kâ.

In this Thai lesson we will learn about some Thai Grammar, how to use the Prefix “  ความ/ kwaam + Verb “

to The pattern  Kwaam + Verb  is  used to from abstract nouns .
Example :

1) จริง/Jing  = to be true              ความจริง / kwaam-jing    = truth

Káo pûut kwaam-jing tâo-nán.


He/ She speaks the truth only.

2)รัก /rák  = to love               ความรัก/ kwaam-rák    =  Love

Kwaam-rák tam hâi kon data bɔ̀ɔt


Love make people blind.

3) คิด/kít     = to think                   ความคิด /kwaam-kít    = idea

Kwaam-kít kăwng káo dii mâak.


His idea is very good.

I hope this little piece of Thai Grammar helps you.

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See you again in the next blog kâ 🙂

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