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Thai Phrases

Thai Phrases | Possible or Impossible

Thai Vocabulary for youHow to say possible or

impossible in Thai

Sàwàtdii kâ,

Hi everyone  in this bitesized Thai lesson we are going to learn Thai phrases to say

 ” Possible / Impossible ”  

These phrases are used alone or in sentences.

Possible        =  bpen bpai dâai/เป็นไปได

Impossible   = bpen bpai mâi dâai/ เป็นไปไม่ได้

Example :

1 )bpen bpai dâai wâa pǒm jà dâai ngaan.


It’s possible that I can get a job.

2) bpen bpai mâi dâai wâa káo jà keun ngәәn kun.


It’s impossible that he will return money to you.

3) mâi mii a-rai bpen bpai mâi dâai.


Nothing impossible.

Hope this Thai online lesson is useful for you.

See you soon in my next blog!

Thai Language Teacher