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Thai Vocabulary

How to order Drinks in Thai | Drink Vocabulary

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Popular drink vocabulary Thai Drinks | Vocabulary

Hi everybody.

Are you thirsty?

If so, today I will teach you some Thai vocabulary about beverages เครื่องดื่ม | krᵾ̂ang-dᵾ̀ᵾm  so hopefully you can order the drinks you like. Most drinks unless you specify will be cold. Thailand is a hot tropical country and there is nothing better than having a cool refreshing drink – you will have to specify hot ร้อน | rɔ́ɔn  in most cases including coffee and tea.

Further, Thai’s have a very sweet tooth so I recommend that if you do not like sweet drinks you state this also when you order your drink – mâi wǎan ไม่หวาน. In fact sweet in Thai is also slang meaning good so watch out Thai’s may think they are doing you a favour by making your drink super sweet :-)!!!

In addition contrary to popular image, there are many other drinks other than beer here in Thailand!

To ask for your drink say the following and then swap out Chang beer | bia cháang for the drink of your choice.

kɔ̌ɔ……kráp| kà ขอ…..ครับ/ค่ะ

kɔ̌ɔ bia cháang kráp | ขอเบียร์ช้างครับ = may I have Chang beer please

kɔ̌ɔ ขอ = would like

Thai Drink Vocabulary

Most drinks are prefixed with the name nám = water but watch out not all are like this ie:

น้ำเปล่า /nám-bplào/ = plain cold water
น้ำ + name of fruit /nám + name of fruit/ = fruit juice
น้ำส้ม /nám-sôm/ = orange juice
น้ำมะนาว/nám-má-naao/ = lime juice
Thai Beer

Other Popular Drinks
ชา /chaa/ = tea
ชาร้อน /chaa rɔ́ɔn/ = hot tea
ชาเย็น /chaa yen/ = iced tea
ชามะนาว /chaa má-naao/ = lemon tea
กาแฟ /gaa-fɛɛ/ = coffee
กาแฟร้อน /gaa-fɛɛ rɔ́ɔn/ = hot coffee
กาแฟเย็น /gaa-fɛɛ yen/ = iced tea
โกโก้ /goo-gôo /= cocoa
โกโก้ร้อน /goo-gôo rɔ́ɔn/ = hot cocoaโกโก้เย็น /goo-gôo yen/ = iced cocoaนม /nom/ = milkนมเปรี้ยว /nom-bprîaw/ = drinking yogurtAnd finally  and not forgetting – เบียร์ /bia/ = beer

Hopefully, you can now order your drink. Let us know if you liked this Thai lesson in our comments below.

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Look forward to seeing you in my next lesson.

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