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Learn Thai | เงาะ ngɔ́ | Rambutan

Thai Fruit -Rambutan – เงาะ  ngɔ́

Hi everyone,Rambutan Thai - Fruits

Do you fancy some Thai fruit?

In this learn Thai lesson, we will talk about the Thai fruit– Rambutan. Rambutan is not easily available in most Western societies but is abundant here in Thailand and South East Asia.

The fruit is a orange/red/green and grown on trees with a strange almost furry outer shell, white fruit inside with a large seed in the center. For most foreigners it does look very strange. Rambutan are grown across Thailand but most famous province for Rambutan is Rayong in the East of Thailand close to Pattaya.

The season for Rambutan is Summer – June, July and August when the markets are full of this wonderful fruit.

To open a Rambutan first hold the rambutan in it’s center between thumb and fingers. Squeeze tightly and with your other hand attempt to pull the top off. It should come off in one piece. It takes a bit of practice so get someone to show you. It is always interesting to give a foreigner one of these fruit and watch them attempting to open it.

rambutanRambutan in Thai is called,  เงาะ /ngɔ́/.

เงาะ /ngɔ́/ is originally from Indonesia and Malaysia. The most famous type is “เงาะโรงเรียน /ngɔ́ roong-rian/”

Apart from a good taste, เงาะ /ngɔ́/can relieve the symptoms of diarrhea.

Let’s try some Thai fruit! Hope you enjoy eating Thai fruit!

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Hope to see you in the next lesson.

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