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Thai Phrases

Learn Thai Phrase | Not anymore | ไม่..อีกแล้ว | mâi …ìik-lɛ́ɛw

How to say not anymore in Thai Not Anymore | Thai Phrase

Sàwàt dii kâ,

Hi everyone in this online Thai lesson we will learn a useful expression, the Thai Phrase ‘Not anymore.’

You can use this using the following pattern:

Subject + (jà) mâi + Verb  + ìik -lɛ́ɛw   =   Not anymore

Subject +(จะ) ไม่ + Verb +  อีกแล้ว

Example :

1.pǒm jà mâi  dùum  bia ìik-lɛ́ɛw .


I will not drink beer anymore.

2.káo mâi rák chán ìik-lɛ́ɛw.


He does not love me anymore.

Hope this is useful for everyone.

See you in my next blog kâ.

Thai Language Teacher