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Thai Vocabulary

Learn Thai Grammar | จะ jà | Future tense

How to use theFuture Tense in Thai Language Future Tense in Thai

Sàwàt dii kâ,

In this lesson, we will learn Future tense in the Thai language.  An event that occurs in the future can be described in Thai using the following grammar pattern:

จะ / jà + Verb ( Phrases )



Prûng-níi  káo jà bpai Phuket.

Tomorrow he/she will go to Phuket.


Yenníi chán jàbpai duu năng

This evening I will go to see a movie.


Wan-níi  káo jà mâi maa roong-rian .

Today he/she won’t come to school.

So now you can use the future tense try and practice with your Thai friends.

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I hope you found this lesson useful. เจอกันใหม่ /jeo gan mài / see you next time!

Thai Language Teacher