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Thai Food

Learn Thai Food | ของหวานไทย kawng waan Thai | Dessert

Thai Desserts |  Food

Sàwàt dii kâ,

Hi everyone.  Do you like dessert?

I know many of you like Thai food but do you like Thai desserts. Thai desserts seem a little strange to westerners as we include a lot of things that normally are not thought of by westerners as sweet i.e pumpkin, sweet corn and beans and often include this will strange fruit not easily found in western countries.

I have some Thai desserts to show you which will make your mouth water …try these when you have the opportunity and you will not be disappointed:

kaao niao mamuang  1. ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง / kâao-nǐao mà-mûang / Ripe mango with Sticky rice

2. ขนมเปียกปูน / kà-nǒm bpìak-bpuun / rice flour custard kanom bpiak bpuun

3. ขนมหม้อแกง / kà-nǒm mɔ̂ɔ-gɛɛng / coconut custard squaresmaw gaeng

4. ข้าวเหนียวสังขยา /  kâao-nǐao sǎng-kà-yǎa / Thai egg custard with Sticky rice  kaao-niao sang kayaa

5. ลูกชุบ / lûuk chúp /  Delectable imitation fruitsOnline Thai

6. ขนมทองหยิบ / kà-nǒm tɔɔng-yìp / tong yawt

7. ขนมทองหยอด / kà-nǒm tɔɔng-yɔ̀ɔt / egg yoke fudge balls cooked in syruptong yip

8. (ขนม)เม็ดขนุน / mèt kà-nǔn / bean-paste met kanun

9. ขนมครก / kà-nǒm-krók / coconut griddle cakeskanom krok

10. ขนมชั้น / kà-nǒm-chán / steamed layer cake Kanom Chan

I hope this’ll help you learn Thai whilst learning a little about the Thai food too 🙂

See you again soon in next Thai lesson!

Thai Language Teacher