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Thai Grammar

Learn Thai | The Word ไว้ wái | To Keep

To Keep | Save | Thai Vocabulary

How to say To Keep or To Save in Thai

To Keep, the word ‘ไว้ /wái/’ is a Thai Grammar particle that means to keep or to save. The particle is used after a verb of action, or verb phrase, to convey the idea that the action is being done for future use or reference:

Verb (Phrase) + ไว้ /wái/ 

For example;

ฉันจะเก็บไว้กินพรุ่งนี้ /chán jà gèp wái gin prûng-níi/

= I’ll keep it to eat tomorrow.

ฝากของไว้ที่นี่ได้ไหม /fàak kɔ̌ɔng wái tîi nîi dâai mái/

= Can I leave my things here?

เราจองตั๋วไว้แล้ว /rao jɔɔng dtǔa wái lɛ́ɛo/

= We have booked tickets already.

เขาซื้อไว้อ่านวันหลัง /káo súu wái àan wan lǎng/

= He/She bought it to read another day.

เอาไว้วันหลัง /ao wái wan lǎng/

= Let’s put it off to another day.

I hope you have enjoyed learning this useful Thai particle to keep.  You will now be able to use this in conversation to explain saving or keeping actions that will affect future actions.

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