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Thai Phrases

Thai Proverbs Using Dog

Thai Dog ProverbsLearn Thai Language

Today we are going to learn some Thai proverbs which mention to dog :), ready? GO!

หมาหวงก้าง /mǎa hǔang gâang/
= Like a dog in the manger.

หมาขี้ ไม่มีใครยกหาง /mǎa kîi mâi mii krai yók hǎang/
= Self-praise is no recommendation.

หมาเห่าใบตองแห้ง /mǎa hào bai dtawng hâeng/
= His bark is worse than his bite (not as unpleasant as they seem, and their actions are not as bad as their threats).

หมาเห่าไม่กัด /mǎa hào mâi gàt/
= A barking dog never bites. (Thus a biting dog never barks??? Anyone care to argue?)


Hope you enjoyed learning Thai

Thai Language Teacher