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Comparative Thai-English Proverbs

Say like words

Somebody said, “when you want to say something, before saying, you are like a boss of the words. After saying, that words might become your boss”. So we should be careful and consider before saying something because you need to be responsible to everything you said.

Today we are going to learn some interesting proverbs about saying words-ปากปราศรัย น้ำใจเชือดคอ  /bpàak bpraa-sǎi, nám-jai chûat kor/

= A honey tongue, a heart of gall.

ปากหวานก้นเปรี้ยว /bpàak wǎan gôn bprîaw/
= He has honey in the mouth and a razor at the girdle.

พลั้งปากเสียศีล พลั้งตีนตกต้นไม้  /pláng bpàak sǐa sǐin, pláng dtiin dtòk dtôn-mái/
= Better the foot slip than the tongue.

พูดไปสองไพเบี้ย นิ่งเสียตำลึงทอง /pûut bpai sǒrng pai bîa, nîng sǐa dtam-lung torng/
= Speech is silver; silence is golden.

บัวไม่ให้ช้ำ น้ำไม่ให้ขุ่น /bua mâi hâi chám, nám mâi hâi kùn/
= Think before you speak and speak diplomatically or tactfully to satisfy both sides or parties.

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I hope you enjoyed learning a few Thai proverbs.

Thai Language Teacher