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Learn Thai | At the hotel

Hotel conversation in Thai
Hotel conversation in Thai

Hi Guys! How are you getting on with your Thai language?

This blog is about useful conversations used at the hotel. I believe you guys already know the question word like “mái” which we put at the end of the sentences, Thai numbers and Verb to Have from my previous blog.

Now we will use the knowledge of those together with new words in this blog.

Ready? Let’s go!

At the hotel = tiî roong-raem (hotel)

Do you have any rooms?

= Khun mii (have) hông (room) wâang (available) mái

I need to a room for two people

dtông-garn (need, want) hông sam-ràp (for) sǒng (two) kon (human’s unit)

How much does the room cost per night?

= kuun (night) lá (per)  tâo rài (how much)

Is breakfast included?

= ruam (include) aa-hǎan-cháo (breakfast)  mái

Can I see the room please?

kǒr duu (see) hôong dmái mái (can)

Do you have any cheaper room?

= mii hôong tùuk (cheap) gwàa (than) níi mái

Does the room have a TV?

= mii tii-wii (TV) nai (in) hôong  mái

Does the hotel have a pool?

= mii sà-wâai-nám (pool) mái

Where is the hotel bar?

= baa (bar) yùu (is (for location) tiî nǎi (where)

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